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Helping the Poor


  • Widow Pensions – Due to the prevailing SOCIAL and CULTURAL conditions of the land, WIDOWS are meted out with ill treatment and harassment. They are mostly confined to HOMES in the SOCIETY since there are not supposed to move about by this condition they are deprived of JOBS and are struggling hard to pull along their lives. They are leading pathetic life in the SOCIETY. To alleviate their sufferings few WIDOWS are being financially assisted every month and providing garments ever year.
  • Old Age Pensions – SENIOR CITIZENS are facing a complex problem in the fast moving society due to their advanced AGE which naturally brings SICKNESS and DISABILITY and insecure feeling. OLD PEOPLE have become BURDEN to the families since they turn out invalid and so families tend to abandon them at a time when they need physical and emotional SUPPORT, LOVE & CARE. In an effort to help them we meet some their needs and few senior citizens are being given monthly financial assistance.
  • Poor Student’s Education – Education now days have become highly expensive and gone beyond the reach of poor. Thousands of potential students were not able to get quality education as they could not afford to. In an endeavor to extend a helping hand to deserved poor students KUNCHALA CHINNA RAMA RAO CHARITY TRUST has been taking care of the education of few such students up to 10th standard.
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